At Trifecta Med Spa, we offer the best Botox treatments in Long Island New York.

Edward Fruitman, MD is the Medical Director and founder of Trifecta Med Spa. Dr. Fruitman received training in aesthetic medicine best-botox-five-towns-longislandby the American Academy of Procedural Medicine and is expertly trained by Allergan® to administer Botox and Juvederm procedures.

Our Botox injectors has been trained and certified to offer Botox injections, Juvederm, Voluma, Radiesse and Belotero.

Trifecta Med Spa Botox doctors knows that every one of her patients have individual needs and believes that aesthetic treatments of the face, is an art as well as a science.

Botox, we’ve all heard of it, and we’ve probably got a negative thought process attached to it, but that’s more often than not down to the fact that people don’t focus on Botox’s positive effects.

Yes, many stars who grace the front pages of celebrity magazines don’t know when to stop where Botox is concerned, but when done correctly, Botox can not only reduce those pesky lines and wrinkles on a physical level, but also boost self-confidence beyond belief.

Feeling great on the inside, shows on the outside regardless of the number of lines on your face!

Our highly trained Botox doctors in Long Island Hewlett is your personal go-to for top quality results, turning back that ticking clock, and causing a huge boost in how you feel about yourself.

Everyone thinks about the physical elements to Botox, and yes, when it comes down to smoothing out wrinkles, kissing goodbye to crow’s feet, and literally stopping the ticking aging clock, Botox wins the battle hands down, but there is no better feeling in the world than being complemented on your appearance, and what does that do? It makes you smile. What does smiling do? Makes you feel fantastic. What does feeling fantastic do? Boosts your self-esteem, your feeling of self-worth, and makes everyone around you want to smile too.

This is the far-reaching effect of Botox, the effect that many people turn a blind eye too.

Are there any side effects? This is the question everyone asks, and yes, of course there are, but these are minimal, rare, and usually just come down to a slight redness or discomfort at the site where the injections took place. If you’re not a fan of injections, then you can have the area numbed with anaesthetic cream or an ice pack beforehand, so you won’t feel a thing.

Simply put your feet up, close your eyes, and let your highly trained Botox doctor in Long Island sort everything out for you, and it can all be done in your lunch hour! No need to book in lengthy appointments and take time off work!

So, the next time you see another celebrity with a paralysed face gracing the front of the magazine, and you hear people with the negative comments, look to the positives. Botox isn’t just a cosmetic treatment, it’s a self-confidence boosting aid, which when used correctly and in moderation by highly qualified staff, such as our Botox doctor in Long Island, then the results and effects are hugely positive.


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