What if a shot of Botox could help you kick away the darkness of depression?

Can Botox help with depression? Well recent studies have shown that regular Botox use could go a long way to doing just that.

A new book, The Face of Emotion by Dr Eric Finzi, talks about the reasons why doctors believe Botox can work in depression management. And it helps sufferers to take back control on depression. The idea is that you’re not just frowning because you’re sad; you’re also sad because you’re frowning.

botox-treatment-new-yorkSo how does Botox helps to fight depression?

The Face of Emotion suggests that cosmetic treatments, such as Botox, can help improve mood, positivity and even our relationships and communication with those around us.

Basically, when Botox is injected into muscles that control that facial expression we call frowning, it relax the muscle, which from a cosmetic point of view gives a more youthful appearance for around three months, depending on the treatment regularity. Because of this muscle relaxation, the patient is unable to frown, which is basically the facial expression we use to communicate negative emotions, such as sadness, stress and being generally very down.

Finzi’s book therefore rests on Darwin’s theory that if we limit our portrayal of a physical movement, and in this case we’re talking frowning, then it eventually causes a reduction in the feeling that is associated with it, so less frowning means less feeling sad. Several small studies have also shown a positive response to this theory.

Aside from all this, it’s common knowledge that feeling good about your appearance makes you feel better overall, so eliminating wrinkles and lines will leave you feeling happier with your outside appearance, and happier as a result.

Feeling great about your appearance and the inability to frown could go hand in hand in reducing the dark symptoms of depression, and at the end of the day, that can only be a very positive step.

Years into his career, board-certified psychiatrist Dr. Edward Fruitman, M.D. noticed a trend: Patients who experienced depression and anxiety also felt dissatisfied with their physical appearance. Moreover, he noticed that bodies reacted negatively to emotional malaise—wrinkles deepened and multiplied, creating an intractable cycle that inhibited happiness.

This realization inspired Dr. Edward Fruitman, M.D. to found Trifecta Med Spa , a division of  Trifecta Health Medical Center, where he administers Botox® and Juvéderm® exclusively for cosmetic purposes. By immobilizing the muscles that cause crow’s feet and smile lines, Dr. Fruitman makes it easier for patients to never frown again.

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