Teeth whitening treatment at Trifecta Med Spa Long Island

teeth-whitening-trifecta-medspa-hewlettWe are proud to offer a teeth whitening service, aiming to give you that perfect Hollywood smile, boosting confidence along the way.

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As we age, our teeth become naturally darker, but our lifestyles can also add to the dullness of our natural smile, with coffee, cola, wine, and smoking all hitting the natural brightness of our teeth hard.

Of course, with today’s busy schedules, we often rely too much on coffee and caffeine-based drinks to give us that energy boost, but rarely think about what it can do to our teeth.


white-teeth-long-islandA great way to turn back the damage and restore a brighter smile is by treating yourself to BleachBright in-office teeth whitening treatments.

A variety of different treatments are offered here at Trifecta Med Spa in Hewlett NY, including this relatively gentle, 30 minute treatment.

It sounds painful, but it’s really not! Simply sit back and relax, whilst our friendly professionals do all the hard work.

What is the in-office  teeth whitening procedure like?

You won’t even realize what is happening, as a gel is applied to your teeth, and then a blue light aimed towards them, helping to accelerate the process.

This substance contains Carbamide peroxide which reacts with water to form hydrogen peroxide, bleaching teeth free of stains and restoring that angelic white color to your smile.

Gentle, yet effective.

This treatment doesn’t even last as long as your lunch hour, yet the results will last well beyond that.

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